The Gift

In my decades of dentistry, I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing thousands of people. For some, who suffered the pain and disfigurement of dental disease at its worst, I shared their joy in their reconstruction.

I have been given the gift of the ability to rebuild damaged teeth and helping injured gums. My staff and I truly can feel the joy of the transformations we perform of these tortured teeth into the functional instruments that so many of us take for granted.

With the miracle of dental implants, we can even 'grow' new teeth. This technological advance along with digital X-ray sensors, optical magnification, laser assisted decay detection, LED cured bonding materials, digital intraoral camera imaging, and CAD/CAM crown creation makes our working environment feel futuristic.

My team and I share the joy of what we have been able to accomplish:

Natalie has developed great computer skills that allow her to monitor the business side of the practice easily freeing up her time to communicate more easily with our present and future patients. The health of our practice depends on future patients as well as long standing ones so this is a vital skill. She still enjoys the opportunity to put on her gloves and mask and help us create another smiling face.

Audrey enjoys meeting new patients on the phone and in person, while welcoming our existing patients into our office each day. She understands the maze of dental insurance and knows how to fight for your hard earned benefits. When patients call with a problem she always manages to help them find a time for us to treat them.

Kelly enjoys the process of dentistry itself. Whether we are "in the zone" of a long complex procedure or even the repetitive maintenance treatments she can help me provide amazing care that allows us to create our 'miracles'.

As always I am thankful for the gift of the skills set that make me able to provide the both the mechanical and artistic side of my profession while soothing the souls of those for whom dentistry is their worst fear.

May we all be able to continue to provide this care to others for many more years.

Our greatest compliment is when our patients refer their family and friend to our practice.


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